超人気ハトムギコスメ スキンケアシリーズ 

肌の内側(角質層)にあるヒアルロン酸や天然保湿因子( NMF)をサポートして、みずみずしい肌を作るのに欠かせないハトムギ成分配合の基礎化粧品シリーズとして2017年デビューしました。

Wasosen (Wasousen) is a part of basic routine for skin care series with excellent beautifying effect.
In 2017, we created a basic routine for skin care series that mainly contain coix extract that supports hyaluronic acid and natural moisturizing factors that can found in the skin.

シミが消える、美白効果 (Whitening effect that removes spot from skin)


Coix contains High-quality amino acids that help increase the skin’s metabolism. It removes the dead skin and improves skin cell regeneration; thus helps in the discharge of melanin and spot.
It has no direct effect on melanin, but it fixes the skin’s cellular turnover

ニキビ跡改善効果にも(Effective for acne scars)


Skin metabolism is also required to improve the form of pigmented acne scars and damaged dermis due to the crater of acne. Coix contains high-quality amino acid that will support metabolism and can be expected to improve the acne scars.

乾燥肌対策・保湿効果 (Effectiveness of moisture to prevent from getting a dry skin)


Aside from activating the metabolism, Amino acid is a principal component of “Natural Moisturizing Factor”, one of the moisturizing components on the skin surface. It can avoid dry skin and itchiness caused by it

イボが取れる ( Removable of warts)



 Yokuinin, which is used as traditional Chinese herbal medicine, is included in cosmetics and supplements as it has the effect of removing warts). The effectiveness is especially expected against warts for the teens and middle-aged. Some people purchase Coix-tea to prevent the water warts, but there haven’t been any proof about its therapeutic claims.

The said wart removal effect is a component of coixenolide that is found in coix. Coixenolide has the effect of suppressing tumor, thus removal of warts is also expected